An unforgettable coach trip, not only when it comes down to (re)discovering the city of Luxembourg but also for the pleasure of the trip.

A trip for those that like to travel safely, stress free, bringing along two suitcases and no waiting in queue.

Total comfort is guaranteed as you’ll have clean, modern coaches with air conditioning at your disposal.

Luxembourg, home of some of the most important institutions of the European Union, has one of the most developed economies in the world.

There is quite a considerable amount of interesting spots to visit. Firstly, the Grand Ducal Palace, the official residence of the Royal Family where the Chamber of Deputies is now located. Secondly the Place d’Armes, a plaza located in the oldest part of the city, it serves as a parade ground for the troops that defend the city and attracts many local and foreign visitors. Afterwards the Clairefontaine square where you can see the statue of the grand duchess Charlotte that fled from Nazi troops in 1940 and came back 5 years after. Highlighting the Notre Dame of Luxemburg Cathedral, originally a Jesuit cathedral, built in gothic style architecture, and harbours the image of Maria Consolatrix Afflictorum, saint patron of both the city and the nation.

Finally, the Bock Casemates, an enormous natural fortification upon which the city was founded and where you can see the tunnels in the underground that defended the old Castle.

And you’ll still have time to relax: read a book, use your tablet, talk to friends or new travelling companions or simply…rest.

Don’t forget: Wi-Fi will be available* within the bus during the whole trip, so you can share every moment or work.

Visit your family, your friends and meet new places all in a low-cost package.

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*On-board Wi-Fi access subject to availability.

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