Terms and conditions


    Our transport is made – either directly or by overflow – by bus from our company or by buses of other National or Foreign Companies. In the latter case, the transport takes place UNDER THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF OTHER CARRIERS and according to the laws and regulations in force in each country.

    The Carrier shall not be liable for violations that are directly attributable to, or produced by accident, force majeure, or to meet legal or administrative requirements. Likewise, is not liable for loss of connection with other services of transport provided by other carriers.

    It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to possess all the necessary documents for border crossing and completion of travel. It is the responsibility of the passenger to present the necessary and valid identification documents when boarding.


    The company reserves itself the right to strengthen the services with buses different from those usually used, whenever circumstances require, however obeying the specific requirements for international service.


    The departure and arrival times indicated in this brochure are expressed in local time. Schedules may be modified during the year, so you must check the time shown on your ticket. The times are indicative, so we do not guarantee that any connection or service will start or arrive at the published time (transfers included).


    Each passenger is allowed to carry, free of charge, two items of luggage (suitcase or bag) of no more than 170cm in size and 20kg each, in the trunk of the bus.

    Each passenger is allowed to carry a hand bag with maximum size (40x30x15 cm). Hand luggage is the sole responsibility of the passenger and the company does not assume any accountability for luggage carried anywhere other than the luggage compartment.

    For better control, luggage carried in the trunk will be labeled by drivers at departure. The passenger must guarantee that every item of luggage is labeled.

    Baggage must be properly packaged in order to protect its contents and to withstand normal handling.

    The company declines any liability, direct or indirect, for damages related to items that should not be included in your baggage, such as fragile articles, perishable articles (eg, alcoholic beverages, olive oil, paints) or valuable articles (eg, money, jewelry, computers, personal electronic devices, valuable documents, working or academic documents, passports and other identification documents).

    It is the responsibility of the passenger the damages that their luggage causes in people or goods. The company declines any liability in these cases.

    All claims regarding lost, misplaced or damaged baggage (duly identified/ labeled), to be considered, must be presented immediately by the passenger to the driver in a proper form available on the bus and submitted in writing at the company that issued the ticket no later than 15 days after arrival. Claims presented after this period will not be considered, except in cases of force majeure and if it is demonstrated that it is impossible to present it in due time.

    The maximum compensation for lost items is € 150 per volume.


    Transport of bicycles and surfboards:

    This service will be available under the following conditions:

    Payment of a fee of € 15 per equipment.

    It is only allowed in direct connections between Portugal and Spain.

    Maximum allowed of two items per bus. The reservation of this service will always be subject to availability.

    All items must be properly conditioned. It is the responsibility of the passenger to present the equipment properly packed at the time of travel.

    The company declines all liability for any damage caused to and by the equipment during the trip.

    One of these items is already considered as a baggage, and only another piece of baggage is allowed.


    Animals are not allowed on board our buses, with the exception of guide dogs for blind people.


    Children under 16 years of age who are not accompanied by someone with parental authority are not admitted on board our buses. They must be accompanied by an adult and must have the necessary and valid documentation for crossing borders (identity card, passport, and authorization to leave the country). People between the ages of 16 and 18 may travel in our buses as long as they carry a legal authorization signed by the adult exercising parental authority, and have the necessary and valid documentation for crossing borders.

    Children (up to 3 years old) pay a reduced fare ticket for all destinations, with the right to seat on the bus. It is mandatory that they travel sat on child seats, which need to be held with a seat belt.

    The company does not guarantee the supply of child chairs.


    The company is selling tickets at points of embarkation or facilities provided for this purpose, through its own branches, travel agencies or the internet.

    Most of the services provided by the company can be acquired through the website, although there's a possibility that some destinations may not be available.

    To purchase over the internet, in each of the steps existent on the company's website, it should be completed and only considered complete when entering the financial data, press the "To pay" button and receive the confirmation. In case of payment through ATM, the ticket will only be available after payment has been made.

    Once the purchase process is completed, an image of the ticket will appear on the screen. This ticket must be printed. If the buyer is not able to print the ticket at that moment, they must keep the reservation code in a safe place, with which they can access the ticket and print it later. It is the responsibility of the passenger to present the printed ticket at the time of boarding.


    The total price of tickets consists of the fare, supplements and booking fees.

    The booking fees will be applied to each ticket, and the company considers the return ticket as one ticket only, for the purposes of this cost. In case of cancellation of the ticket, the company will not refund the amount of the booking fees.

    Ticket prices may vary depending on seat availability, or time of year.


    Available discounts differ according to the line of origin/destination. The documentation authorizing the discount is imperative, in order to be presented to the driver or any employee of Inter.

    In the event of violation of this condition, drivers or employees are obliged to prevent the use of the ticket, compelling the purchase of a new one under the required conditions.

    Available discounts are always subject to seat availability.

    The conditions of cancellation and modification in tickets with a discount related to age are the same as for adult fare tickets. Tickets purchased at a promotional rate are subject to special conditions and are available to the passenger at the point of sale or on the website. These conditions prevail over any other condition. Please be advised that you should always check and accept the terms of the discount before buying your ticket.


    Promotional campaigns are subject to special conditions available to passengers at the point of sale and / or the website and shall be applicable to tickets purchased.


    There are refundable tickets and non-refundable tickets. The passenger must verify and accept the terms and conditions when purchasing the ticket.

    In the case of a partially used return ticket, the part corresponding to the unused route is not refundable from the date of departure.

    Booking fees are non-refundable.

    In the case of a refundable ticket:

    • The cancellation of tickets is possible only if requested at least 7 hours before departure and by the same means with which they were purchased.
    • If the cancellation is requested with an advance of more than 48 hours, the company will refund the ticket amount, deducting 25%.
    • If the cancellation is requested less than 48 hours and up to 7 hours before the trip, the company will refund the value of the ticket, deducting 50%.
    • If cancellation is requested less than 7 hours before the trip there will be no refund.
    • An already modified ticket is not refundable.
    • The refund of tickets purchased on the website is made by the same payment method used then.
    • All tickets lost, stolen or destroyed are not refundable and a new ticket must be purchased for the passenger to travel.

    There are tickets that are modifiable and tickets that are not modifiable. The passenger must verify and accept the terms and conditions when purchasing the ticket.

    In case of modifiable ticket:

    • It is only possible to change the date or time of the trip, and route data. The modification of the ticket must be requested up to 7 hours before the time of departure and will be subject to the availability of seats at the new date or time requested, as well as the fare conditions applied for the new date.
    • In any modification will be applied a fee of € 8 per ticket. Supplements will eventually be applied.
    • If the new price is lower than the price of the initially booked trip, only a new payment of the € 8 fee will be required.
    • If the new price is higher than the price of the initially booked trip, the difference between the two prices plus the € 8 fee will be required.
    • A modified ticket will not be refunded.
    • The new date, route and time are determined at the time of modification.
    • Changes must be requested at the same place of purchase.
    • The number of changes is unlimited.

    Tickets are valid for up to six months from the date of purchase.


    Passengers must turn up at the boarding point and announce their presence 45 minutes before the time of departure.

    The passenger can directly access the bus whenever there is no Inter sale point, showing the driver the ticket purchased.

    Tickets must be retained by the passenger during the entire trip, both outward and return. Lost or stolen tickets will not be replaced or refunded and the passenger must purchase a new ticket to travel.


    The ticket is nominative. To use it, it is necessary to verify the identity of the passenger and that this information corresponds to the identification document (identity card or passport) on the ticket.

    For tickets for children purchased on the website, the company applies the same conditions as in point 6.

    The incompatibility of the necessary data will automatically void the ticket, and the passenger must purchase a new ticket to travel.


    In each place of purchase are properly identified the different forms of payment accepted. Payments by credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard), when available at point of purchase.


    If you wish an invoice of your ticket, you must request it within 48 hours of the purchase via: 

    - Customer Care Hotline: (+351) 226 052 420

    - Website form: www.internorte.pt

    - Post: Internorte, Praça da Galiza nº96, 4150-344 Porto

    In their request, the passenger must provide the following information: name, address, tax number (NIF) and ticket number.


    It is prohibited to smoke on board (Article 4º nº 2 of Decree-Law 37/2007).


    There is a Complaint Book available at every sales point of origin and destination.


    Misuse of the website for fraudulent purposes will result in corresponding liabilities if it proves to be acted out of dishonesty, negligence or guilt.


    In the event of a dispute, the customer can use: 

    CNIACC – Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Conflitos de Consumo

    Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

    Campus de Campolide

    1099-032 Lisboa 

    Telefone: (+351) 21 384 74 84 (das 15h às 16h)

    Website: www.arbitragemdeconsumo.org

    Email: cniacc@fd.unl.pt

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/cniacc



    This document is a translation of the original document in Portuguese. In case of discrepancy between the English language version and the Portuguese language version, the Portuguese language version shall prevail.

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