Why should you travel with us?

Cheap trips during the whole year

With Internorte/Intercentro you can meet your family and friends, discover new destinations or have a getaway always with reduced prices. When planning in advance, you may find interesting discounts that will substantially lower the cost of your trip.

Modern and comfortable coaches

To guarantee your comfort and safety, our Internorte/Intercentro journeys are made with a fleet of coaches that are adapted to your needs. As such, you can enjoy your trip in full with air conditioning, in-coach WC and retractable seats.

On-board services

So that you can enjoy your trip, we include in most of our coaches, on-board outlets and free Wi-Fi access.

More luggage

With Internorte/Intercentro, every passenger can take up to 2 bags for free.

More proximity and more connections

Our stops and drop off points were carefully chosen so that our passengers are as close as possible to the main urban centres and public transport stations, so as to facilitate the access points on both departures and arrival.

We have also included both Euroline and Isilines networks into our own, which allow us to have a much vaster offer at a reduced cost so that we can provide our services with the utmost quality.

By traveling with us, you may obtain routing that will allow you to meet new locations with no additional fee, making your trip all that more enjoyable.

Sustainable transport

By using collective passenger transports you are helping to reduce the negative impact on the environment, making a smaller ecological imprint. The contribution to sustainability and the protection of the environment are some of the factors that put us at the forefront of public passenger transports.

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